Afro Twist Comb

Afro Twist Comb



PORTABLE FOR QUICK ANYTIME USE: This is an easy to carry beauty comb so put it in your pocket and use it at any time.


TWO IN ONE: Both an afro comb and a twisting comb. Use to comb, twist and start your dreads. The handle and teeth in the comb is much stronger that the previous version of this Twist Comb. The teeth feature is stronger and wouldn't break easily. Long lasting!


EASY TO CLEAN AND HYGIENIC: It doesn't get dirty like traditional sponges used for hair twisting. Incredibly affordable to allow salon quality hairstyles at home.


KEEP HEALTHY HAIR: It is essential for black hair to stay hydrated. We offer the perfect method to embrace your natural twist without drying out your hair or robbing your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy.

    Color: Black